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美妝 ★ Nature republic 玫瑰洗面膏 Nature Republic Natural Fermentation Foam Cleanser

[Korean skincare is overwhelming that making Sai Yeung Choi street becoming Myeong-dong]

Yesterday I went shopping with my friends and I found a Nature Republic Specialty store is opened in Sai Yeung Choi Street!

And even it is opened beside another Korean skincare brand, innisfree.....

Of course we went inside to have a look.
I found this "Nature Republic Natural Fermentation Foam Cleanser 300ml" is just HKD$99 
the rose fragrance smells so nice, so I picked up this and gonna give it a try.

Little alien said: ooooooooooooooh it's so big~~


昨天和朋友去旺角逛街,見到nature republic也開專門店了!



三眼仔表示:ooooooooh 好大呀

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